Trip Minimums Policy

A minimum number of participants must be booked in order to operate the trip at the published or booked rate. Most trips require a minimum of 3 to 4 participants to guarantee departure. Each trip may have a different trip minimum, please review each trip for details.

Kenai Backcountry Adventures will operate our adventures at below the minimum required participants for the surcharges listed below. In order to guarantee any

Trips Requiring 4 Participants

  • 1 participant:  Listed price PLUS 100%
2 participants:  Listed price PLUS 50%
  • participants:  Listed price PLUS 25%

Trips Requiring 3 Participants

  • participant:  Listed price PLUS 100%
  • participants:  Listed price PLUS 25%

All Other Trips

  • participant:  Listed price PLUS 100%

At 15 to 30 days prior to the starting date we will let you know whether or not your trip has met the minimum number of participants to guarantee the departure. You will then have two weeks to consider the following options.

  1. Elect to pay the below minimum surcharge to guarantee the trip.
  2. Switch to any another itinerary during the same dates – subject to availability and trip price adjustment.
  3. Cancel your trip per our cancellation policies.
  4. Roll your entire balance into a credit for a future trip with no penalty. Credits are valid for 12 months.

If at 15 days prior to departure the trip is still below the minimum AND you do not elect to pay the below minimum surcharge, then we will be forced to cancel the trip, but your balance will be refunded entirely. Please contact us with any specific questions or concerns.