Traveling to Alaska but don’t want to bring your gear with you to Alaska? Or maybe you’re already here but still need a few items on your gear list?

Kenai Backcountry Adventures offers Outfitting at reasonable rates. We can outfit you for just about any trip. Please see our offerings below. All of our outfitter gear is in great condition so you won’t need to worry about getting stuck with a worn out or trashed piece of gear.

Please note, some of our trips are offered as All-Inclusive or Fully Outfitted trips, requiring you to only bring personal items. Please inquire for more details.


Sleeping Bag

$ 65

Per Trip
Synthetic Sleeping Bag (w/ Sleeping Pad & Liner)

Camp Chair

$ 20

Per Trip
Crazy Creek (or similar), Lightweight Camp Chair

Combo Package

$ 75

Per Trip
Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Bag Liner, Sleeping Pad, & Lightweight Camp Chair



$ 150

Per Trip
Size Appropriate to Length of Trip (~70 Liters)


$ 75

Per Trip
Perfect for Base Camp trips (~30-40 Liters)