Trips involving airplanes, or helicopters have a strict weight maximum of 200 pounds per person; this includes body weight with clothing and footwear on, *PLUS* all of your gear that you are bringing with you on the trip.

For example, if you weigh 170 pounds (dry, naked), but you weigh 180 with your clothes and boots on, you have 20 pounds of gear weight available. However, this does not mean you have to bring 20 pounds of gear just because there is room for it.

  • Body Weight:          170 pounds
  • Clothing/Boots:      10 pounds
  • Backpack & Gear:   20 pounds
                                   = 200 pounds

In order to provide us with an accurate weight figure, we recommend weighing yourself with the clothing/footwear you will be wearing the day we depart *and* also separately weigh your backpack with all of your gear packed inside.


  • Any passenger over 200 pounds, up to 250 pounds may be subject to a $250 per person weight overage surcharge fee. 
  • Any passenger over 250 pounds may be subject to a $500 per person weight overage surcharge fee.

**If you are over 200 pounds dressed, with all of your gear in your backpack, we need to know as soon as possible so we can plan our aircraft schedules accordingly. 

It’s important to note that our overall weight together as a group is cumulative. In some cases, lighter-weight passengers, with less gear may provide a little wiggle room for the extra weight of another passenger. Therefore, we’ll take the total weight figures of all passengers and determine if we are within our required weight thresholds as they apply to each aircraft.

We do not like to charge these fees, but in some cases we have no choice. We will do everything we can to avoid these fees. Whenever possible, KBA will work to accommodate weight overages, but there may be circumstances where you are required to pair down your gear, or leave gear behind. We will do everything we can to minimize weight as a group.