Kenai Backcountry Adventures provides a trip calendar showing real-time availability on our Booking Calendar page, and individual trip pages. Please review the booking calendar for the dates and/or trips you’re interested in for availability. If you don’t see the trip listed that you’re interested, please contact us to check on dates and availability. We offer custom and private trip packages too. Not all trips may be available at certain times during a season due to environmental factors such as water levels, ice on lakes and rivers, etc. 

ADVENTURE DISCUSSION (Expeditions / Multi-Day Trips)
Because our trips are conducted in real Alaskan backcountry we prefer to discuss the trip with you so you have a clear understanding of what’s involved and what to expect. During this conversation we take into consideration, such things as what type of adventure interests you, the dates you have available, the destinations you want to adventure in, and other factors that may come into play. 
After discussing what your needs and desires are for a real Alaskan adventure we’ll plan the dates for your trip, or add you to a trip that is already confirmed.

Some of our trips may have guests already booked on them but may not be completely full. If they’re not full and your party fits into the remaining number of openings we will book your reservation for that trip. Or in some cases we can accommodate extra participants for a nominal surcharge. 

Keep in mind that in some destinations we can often put together trips on dates we may or may not have listed, just ask if you have a particular travel itinerary that needs to be met, we will even help suggest the best location and trip to consider for those dates! So, give us a call and let’s discuss the trip you are looking for as you will likely find we can accommodate you!

After your reservation is confirmed we will send you detailed information about your trip, directions to the meeting locations, gear and equipment lists, and more.

We urge you to make your travel plans as early as possible. Airlines, rental cars, hotels, and B&Bs fill up quickly in Alaska. For multi-day trips we recommend that you plan to arrive at least one day before your trip departure, and plan to depart one day after your scheduled trip end date.  

Weather and airline connections permitting, it is likely that you will return from your trip late in the day on the last day of your trip’s scheduled end date. It is a good idea to plan one or more extra days in the area following your return in case of delay. We recommend that your relatives and employers be made aware of delay possibilities and someone at home should have the ability to re-organize your travel and lodging should your delay necessitate a change in plans for you.

Kenai Backcountry Adventures will schedule all internal flights that are included in the trip, unless otherwise noted in the trip information. Due to the types of aircraft we will be flying in, there is a per-person weight limit. Therefore we will require you to provide your weight upon booking trips that involve internal aircraft transportation. 

We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate any overage in weight, but we will be required to charge a surcharge that is charged to KBA by the air transporter. If there is a severe overage in weight, we will have no choice but to, 1) reduce the weight by removing items until the combined weight meets the maximum weight limit, or 2) charge an overweight surcharge if we’re not able to get the weight to the allowable specifications; this is charged to us by the air transporters.

PRE-TRIP MEETING (Multi-Day Trips Only)
On most Multi-Day trips we have a pre-trip meeting before your trip begins. Our preference is to have the meeting the afternoon or evening prior to the day of departure, but sometimes due to logistics we must do the meeting the day of departure. The pre-trip meeting is a meet-and-greet, orientation, safety-brief, gear inspection, and Q&A session all rolled into one! We provide the pre-trip meeting information to you upon booking your reservation in your Adventure Packet.

We will have thorough gear inspection so please bring all your gear in the pack you plan to carry it in (e.g., backpacks, dry bags). We’ll weigh your gear and help reduce it down if necessary.

Please make sure you have ALL the required gear prior to our pre-trip meeting. If you still need gear, let us know; we may have the gear available for purchase, available for rent, or we can refer you to a local retailer where you can purchase the gear.

Follow our Gear List closely, and call us if you have any questions. Having the right gear is critical in the backcountry. Over the years we have run our gear and equipment through the wringer and have come to rely on a few select brands for their rugged, dependable, high-performing gear. If there is a specific brand we recommend for a piece of gear we will list it. There are alternatives, but if you have any questions about gear, please contact us.

On backpacking trips, we gravitate towards the lightweight concept, however this takes a lot of practice and good planning. Try to limit your personal gear to no more than 25-30 pounds. Leave approximately 20-25 liters of room in your backpack for food and for the addition of group gear. We will let you know how much food or group gear you may need to carry prior to your arrival, but for most multi-day trips it’s about 20-25 liters. On river trips you will be issued a day bag for use on the river. It’s a dry bag for items you wish to access throughout the day.

An often overlooked piece of gear is dry sacks. We adventure in the raw elements in Alaska, so there is good chance you and your gear could get wet. Dry sacks provide extra insurance for items you want to keep dry such as extra clothing, sleeping bags, insulating layers, and electronics.

We offer discounts on most of the gear we have for purchase when you book a trip with us. Let us know what you need and we’ll take care of you. We can ship to anywhere in the US or Canada. Or if you purchase a larger item that you don’t want to travel to Alaska with we will store it at our shop and have it waiting for you when you arrive for your trip.

We can provide outfitting and rental gear for most adventures. This ranges from fully outfitting you with virtually everything you will need or simply renting you the 2 or 3 items you don’t have. Our outfitting and rental gear is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please let us know if you would like outfitting or rental gear when making your reservation. We need to receive your Outfitting or Rental Request Form with your full payment no later than 45 days before the trip.

We recommend traveling with your gear in soft-sided duffle bags that can be easily stored; try to avoid using suitcases. Most hotels or B&Bs will store your extra gear. Alternately, we may be able to arrange leaving it with us, but we cannot guarantee its safety.

Bring enough cash for souvenirs, post cards, guide gratuities, or for purchasing snacks/meals at villages we may visit during the trip.

If you think your guide(s) did a great job, a tip is very much appreciated, and while this may be a little known thing about guiding, most guides rely on tips as a large portion of their income. We recommend tipping approximately 20-25% of the package cost per person, depending on your perception of the service. If you have questions we encourage you to ask us. Our trips do not include a gratuity for the guide(s). Our guides work very hard to make sure your adventure is a success. Their goal is to make your backcountry experience more comfortable and enjoyable, so they always appreciate any gratuity offered. 

If ever you have any questions, or need to figure something out, please reach out to us. We love talking about Alaska and helping you have the best possible trip is our #1 priority!