Our team of specialized wilderness guides can help you enter and return safely from the Alaskan wilderness. We’re not the typical “Bear Guard” that only provides a bear guard service. We’re professional wilderness expedition leaders that specialize in remote backcountry travel in Alaska.

Our purpose is to make sure our clients are protected and safe while in the wilderness from all hazards, not just wildlife encounters. Included in our service is expertise on navigation, water purification, river crossings, mountaineering, helicopter safety, emergency signaling, evacuation and rescue, and wilderness survival techniques. In addition, we understand wildlife behavior in order to respond and react appropriately in each unique situation.

Our areas of operation are the field or facilities. Our clients are pipeline companies, survey crews, seismic research, commercial photographers, cinematic expeditions, communication research, satellite systems, mining companies, archaeologists, remote lodges, and recreational enthusiasts (hunters, fishermen, backpackers, etc). understand wildlife behavior to respond and react appropriately in each unique situation.


  • Professional guide service
  • Wildlife protection, support, and mitigation
  • Satellite phone, GPS, maps, location tracker
  • Medical kits, and repair gear
  • Necessary wildlife protection gear
  • Expertise on
    • navigation,
    • water purification,
    • river crossings,
    • mountaineering,
    • helicopter safety,
    • emergency signaling,
    • evacuation and rescue, and
    • wilderness survival techniques


Kenai Backcountry Adventures guides are a team of highly-skilled and experienced Alaska outdoorsmen. We guide clients in the remote backcountry of Alaska throughout the year while on wilderness expeditions, and while providing support and logistical services such as our Bear Guard Service.

We have specialized knowledge of backcountry areas few people ever travel which allows us to provide logistical support and project planning services for scientific, photographic, and cinematic expeditions throughout the state. We also function as advisors and guides to local, state, and federal agencies. Leverage our years of wilderness experience and dedication to your goals resulting in a safe and successful time spent in the wilderness of Alaska.

We operate our trips all year in Alaska, and because Alaska is our home, we understand the variety of Alaska weather, terrain, and wildlife. Safety is our utmost priority regardless of where we are going or what we are doing. You can rest assured knowing our guides have your safety in mind at all times.

All Kenai Backcountry Adventures’ warm and friendly guides have extensive personal and professional backcountry, wilderness experience. We are all trained and certified Wilderness First Responders and/or EMTs. We abide by the principles of Leave No Trace and we tread-lightly. We are trained in Swiftwater Rescue Techniques and we’re highly-safety oriented. Our guides are Alaskans with diverse backgrounds, skills, and possess an exceptional knowledge and passion for Alaskan wilderness.

The most important aspect of our guides is that they are experts in the field, and know how and when to react in each potentially life threatening situation. Anyone can carry a firearm in the field, but being an excellent marksman, knowing your firearm in and out, being able to react instantly and appropriately takes a lot of skill. More importantly, having the proper training and experience to mitigate these risks is the ultimate skill. The result of inexperienced firearm users could include wounding and/or killing an animal unnecessarily, or being mauled or injured.

Our goal is to protect our clients and wildlife from harm. The lethal option is always the last. Our services allow our clients to work or recreate in remote areas of Alaska without the stress of having to worry about protecting themselves in a potentially dangerous wildlife encounter. Our clients can focus on their work and goals and have peace of mind that they are protected.

Expertise and Training

  • Wilderness First Responders
  • CPR and AED
  • EMT trained
  • Bear avoidance and hazing
  • Firearm Safety and Instruction
  • Wilderness and Hunting Guides
  • Helicopter Operations Safety
  • Navigation and Route Planning – Route Finding
  • Water purification
  • River crossings
  • Mountaineering
  • Emergency signaling
  • Evacuation and rescue
  • Wilderness survival techniques
  • Protection of others from wildlife utilizing lethal, less-than-lethal, and non-lethal applications

Deterrents Used

  • Bear spray
  • Air horn or other sound devices
  • Rubber & bean bag bullets
  • Lethal ammunition


We have specialized knowledge of backcountry areas in Alaska few people ever travel which allows us to provide logistical support and project planning services for scientific, photographic, and cinematic expeditions throughout the state. We also function as advisors and guides to local, state and federal agencies. Leverage our years of wilderness experience and dedication to your goals resulting in a safe and successful time spent in the wilderness of Alaska.

Frequently Asked Questions


Bears are virtually everywhere in Alaska, and therefore one should anticipate and be prepared for a possible encounter or sighting of a bear. Moose are also a common in most areas of Alaska. Kenai Backcountry Adventures takes wildlife safety very seriously and therefore take precautions to keep you safe in the wilderness. In addition, you will learn the necessary safety procedures regarding Alaska wildlife in your pre-backcountry safety orientation.We are trespassing in their habitat and bear populations are increasing rapidly and essentially people are considered “food” or a source of easy food. There is fine line on what separates us and them in the food chain.


YES we do. This is offered so your group can rest at night and not worry about a marauding bear wandering into camp. Bears are nocturnal, or more active in the early morning and evening hours when most groups are trying to sleep.


These are WILD creatures, they are not tame animals! They are especially dangerous when they become habituated to humans. (In other words, they don’t know who you are!) THESE CAN BE DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS ANIMALS! (I can’t stress this enough!)


NEVER feed animals or leave food around camps. Food and practically anything with a scent or odor (e.g., toiletries) must be stored properly. Most commonly this is done by storing food and other scented items in bear resistant containers.


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