KBA strongly urge all guests to purchase travel/trip insurance. Travel insurance is the best way to protect your investment. Your policy should include coverage for medical, emergency evacuation, and trip cancellation/interruption, as well as coverage protecting your deposits and payments for air/land costs, should you have to cancel your trip. We suggest a travel insurance policy with a “Cancel for Any Reason” clause. This often allows you to cancel your trip and receive reimbursement for any reason until you are within 48 hours of the date of your trip. These insurance types safeguard you against unforeseen mishaps that can occur before or during your adventure. Coverage should start when you send in your initial deposit and many insurance policies have benefits for policies purchased with 10 days of making a reservation. You may incur significant financial liability if you do not purchase travel insurance.

Many homeowner insurance policies also include trip insurance or travel insurance. Depending on the carrier and the policy, such insurance is usually a small fraction of the overall package price and will often reimburse you for the entire cost of your trip in the event of your cancellation.

Our preferred Travel Insurance provider is Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance. Please see our Post explaining Travel Insurance in more detail.