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Alaska Adventures to Create Memories 

There are few destinations in the world as fantastic and wild as Alaska; rolling fjords, towering glaciers, deep blue ice caves, snow capped mountains, and untamed wilderness for as far as the eye can see. Alaska is one of the last untamed bastions in the world, and it is the prime location for creating lifelong memories through breathtaking experiences. From glacier expeditions to wildlife fly-ins, backpacking, mountaineering, and more, in this article, we will go over all the ways you can create the most epic Alaska adventures and treasured memories.

Why Choose Alaska? 

Alaska is one of the most beautiful and largely undiscovered natural landscapes on earth. Far from the trappings of civilization, with thousands of miles of wondrous tracks of untouched wilderness, Alaska is a place of grandeur and wonder. It has a diverse range of environments to match almost any expedition; from extreme mountaineering to modest wildlife guides, Alaska has something for everyone. With an experienced guide, the proper supplies, and the correct itinerary, you can visit a range of different, vibrant locations, each with its own host of amazing sights, wildlife, challenges, and experiences. 

What Kinds of Locations Can I Visit in Alaska? 

Alaska is home to many different adventuring locations; creating an exhaustive list would take all day, so here are just a few of the fantastic locals you can visit for your vacation or next great Alaska expedition: 

  • The Kenai Peninsula: Appropriately known as “Alaska’s Playground,” the Kenai Peninsula is located just south of Anchorage. The peninsula is a must-stop for Alaskan adventures as it is the gateway to the wilds of the region; with its 16,000 square miles, of which 90% is untamed wilderness, there is no shortage of destinations and activities. Crystal clear lakes and rivers, towering icy peaks, and coastal communities set around breathtaking mountains, the Kenai Peninsula should be the first stop on any itinerary. 
  • Wildlife Refuges: Alaska is home to many diverse biomes contained within its wildlife refuges. One of the largest and most visited is the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, known as a “Mini Alaska” this is one of the most diverse locations in the region. The refuge is home to over 2,800 different species of animals and plants, providing habitats for wolves, Dall sheep, lynx, caribou, mountain goats, wolverines, and black and brown bears. The refuge is also home to many sport fish species, including chinook, sockeye, rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, and coho salmon. If you are interested in seeing the widest variety of wildlife Alaska offers, locations like the Kenai Wild Refuge are the place to go. 
  • Rolling Fjords: A fjord is a deep, long, and narrow inlet of the ocean between cliffs, typically created by glaciers ages ago. Fjords are where oceans, mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, and ice fields come together. They present an expanse where wildlife thrives, and the possibilities for discovery are endless. One of the best fjords along Alaska’s coast is the Kenai Fjords National Park; here, over 40 glaciers flow crystal clear water through vibrant forests. 
  • Glaciers: These ancient glaciers have stood tall and dominating across expansive icy fields from prehistoric times. Filled with sheer cliffs, deep and mysterious ice caves, and sleek blue fields, these wonders of the natural world are ripe for discovery. From simple treks across more mild, accessible glaciers to the strenuous and extreme mountaineering expeditions in the most remote corners of the fjords, glaciers offer adventures for all ages and skill levels. 
  • Icy Topped Mountains: The most predominant feature across the vast expanses of Alaska, the majestic mountains of the north are epic in scale and beauty. As you fly out from one of the scenic towns along the coast, you make your way to lush green fields at their base; from there, you create a base camp and then begin your Alaska adventures of unparalleled exploration! These expenses are without trails and roads, meaning you will be backpacking and ice hiking in the sheer untouched stretches of Alaska’s most awe-inspiring landscapes. 
  • Lakes and Wetlands: It may come as a surprise, but Alaska has an extensive network of lakes, rivers, and wetlands home to all manner of migratory birds and northern fish species. You can see loons, sandhill cranes, grebes, trumpet swans, along with dozens of species of ducks and other shorebirds while exploring these lakeside wetlands. 

What Activities Can I Do in Alaska? 

With the various climates, locations, and towns, your options for activities are nearly endless. From rugged trails to cozy cabins, Alaska has something for everyone; here is a list of just a few of the most appealing activities you can take part in: 

  • Hiking and Backpacking: There are endless prime locations for ice hiking and backpacking, with trails for all skill levels and untrailed routes for seasoned veterans; if you’re looking to see the most remarkable elements of the outdoors, look no further. 
  • Mountaineering: One of the most spectacular experiences the north has to offer, mountaineering brings you to the heights of exploration. See the wilds from a view unlike any other with the help of seasoned guides. 
  • Fly-Ins: With access from coastal towns, fly-ins bring you to the furthest reaches of the Alaskan backcountry. Be it for a day trip or a weeklong Alaska expedition, fly-ins allow you to trek across the most distant and most remote regions of the world. 
  • Wildlife Adventures: With the menagerie of species present in the Alaskan wilderness, adventures catered to spotting the most majestic of them are highly popular. From bear spotting to birdwatching and flightseeing, you can experience some of nature’s most magnificent and exotic species. 

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