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Single Day or Multi Day Backpacking Trips in Alaska? 

Backpacking is one of the most popular and fantastic ways to view the natural splendor of the Alaskan wilderness. There is no experience quite like venturing across ice-covered fjords, up ancient glaciers, and through densely wooded valleys. When taking a backpacking expedition with us, you will hike alongside one of our expert mountaineers who know the Kenai region like the back of their hand. When hiking in the backcountry, you can choose between multi-day trips or single-day trips, with the longer journeys taking several days, or even over a week, to explore the great wilderness of Alaska. However, not everyone has the same comfort level or experience to delve into the farther reaches of the Alaskan backcountry, and instead choose to take single day trips. So, let’s take a look at what goes into single-day and multi day backpacking trips so you can decide which option is best for you and your adventure. 

What are Multi Day Backpacking Trips? 

Multi day backpacking trips are expeditions into the outer wilderness of Alaska which take multiple days, usually up to one week or longer. These begin by taking a bush plane or helicopter to a location within reasonable distance to your eventual destination. Once there, you will set up a base camp, then proceed along either a trail or pre-routed path. These expeditions allow for greater freedom of exploration and discovery, along with the extended time to savor every site and experience of your adventure. 

What is Single Day Backpacking? 

Single-day backpacking is when you take a day trip to a nearby locale in the Kenai peninsula, such as one of the beautiful national parks bordering the region. You will begin your day by either driving to the location or taking a bush plane or helicopter to a further away region. From there, you will hike with a guide, exploring one of the beautiful and majestic natural locations before heading back to either your vehicles or aerial transportation. 

Single Day Vs. Multi-Day Trips

When choosing between single-day trips or multiple-day trips, you should consider the following factors: 

  • Time: Multiple day trips require at least 2-3 days and can take up to 12, so they cannot accommodate all schedules; however, almost all vacations and trips to the north can fit in a day trip to one of the many national parks in the Kenai Peninsula region. 
  • Skill Level: While all trips can be adjusted to fit varying skill levels, multi-day trips require more exposure to the elements, more strenuous hiking, along with more challenging terrain; so if you are starting out or are not as experienced with hiking, you may want to begin with a day trip in Alaska or coordinate with us to select a more curated experience. 
  • Age: Children ages 12 and under can have a hard time with longer trips, so if you’re adventuring with young children, single-day trips are the better option. 

If you are interested in scheduling a backing adventure with us, you can view our calendar and book a trip here; or, if you want to read more about Alaskan adventures and the outdoors, you can view our resources page here