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TripSafe Cancellation Coverage

By February 16, 2021February 25th, 2022General

TripSafe Cancellation Coverage – Flexible Tour Booking

TripSafe was instated as a means for customers to protect their purchase on select Kenai Backcountry Adventures’ tours. With TripSafe coverage added to a Kenai Backcountry Adventures reservation, travelers have the extra protection for changes in plans; up to 12 hours from the tour start/departure time.

TripSafe is especially handy when travelers are forced to cancel the trip AFTER the cancellation cut-off (typically 4 days before the tour); without TripSafe, a refund would not be administered after the cut-off.

TripSafe Fees & Conditions

The TripSafe fee will range anywhere from 5-10% of the booking total, which will vary depending on the type of tour. This fee is non-refundable. The option to add TripSafe to a booking is visible in the booking form, lower section, for each trip offering TripSafe Cancellation Coverage.


  1. TripSafe is only available when making the original booking, it cannot be added after you have completed your purchase.
  2. TripSafe is not valid for bookings made less than 12 hours from the tour start/departure time.
  3. TripSafe is only valid on bookings made directly with Kenai Backcountry Adventures.
  4. Bookings made through third parties do not qualify for TripSafe Coverage.

There are some conditions to qualify and receive a refund with TripSafe:

  1. In order to file a claim with TripSafe, customers will be required to contact Kenai Backcountry Adventure via phone (907-331-4912) or email (fun[at]kenaibackcountryadventures.com) no less than 12 hours PRIOR to the departure time of your activity.
  2. Customers must tell the reservation agent the booking number of the activity to receive a full refund minus the TripSafe fee. The booking number is visible on the booking confirmation (sent via email).
  3. TripSafe coverage does not qualify for no shows, or late arrivals. If a customer calls or emails less than 12 hours from the scheduled departure time to file a claim, the coverage will not be valid.