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Packraft Mountaineering Adventure

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If there was ever a trip that combined all the best activities to truly see and explore Alaska in the most the purest way, this is it – Packraft Mountaineering Adventure, on our exclusive Packrafting With Icebergs Adventure.

Packrafting With Icebergs – Packraft Mountaineering Adventure, this trip was born and bred on the spot, on the location. While out exploring a remote corner of the multi-million acreage that’s part of our operating territory, we found the most epic glacier area – complete with a giant lake chock full of skyscraper size icebergs… Heck some of these icebergs may be the size of some US states!

In typical Alaska-Adventurer style we came back with packrafts, and a full mountaineering kit! We hiked up a glacier several miles to a vantage point that is hard to describe in words, you just have to see it to believe it, for real. We trekked deeper and deeper… We floated in hidden alpine lakes high up in the tundra, while continuing our exploration.

Finally, we were back at the massive glacial lake, this time all the icebergs had completely shifted and moved around, and there were a bunch of new icebergs too. This environment is extremely dynamic, and it’s constantly changing. This is super cool aspect, because every time we go out there it’s different and there’s something new to explore.

We inflated our packrafts and paddled around the entire lake, exploring all the different icebergs, in some cases we paddled into ice caves that were open to the water. It was pretty amazing to paddle to inside of a giant chunk of glacier that snapped off and was floating around. Some of the icebergs had natural landing beaches, so of course we had beach our packrafts to hike around on multi-acre size chunks of ancient ice.

We donned crampons and all of our mountaineering safety gear and hiked around on the icebergs. We were on islands of ice in the middle of nowhere-Alaska – truly amazing! After hiking around for awhile, we got back in packrafts (don’t forget to remove your crampons!) to begin a long river float.

After paddling and exploring the massive icebergs for 3-full days, we proceeded to float down the same river that was being fed from the glacier, and subsequent glacial lake. The goal was to float from “Source-to-Sea,” which is what we did. After 2 very full days of floating we reached the ocean!

Not only did we hike up the glacier to its source, we floated down the river from its source, the same glacier, all the way out to the sea. This is how we do it in Alaska. This was the genesis for our Packrafting With Icebergs Adventure!

The beauty of this trip, is while it is strenuous, we can adjust it to fit a wide variety of adventurers… Anything from a mix of moderate and strenuous days, to full-blown, hardcore, extreme Alaska adventuring.

Regardless, of how challenging you want it to be, it will be challenging no matter what. We’re doing our best to describe this trip, but it’s really difficult to put it into words, just how epic it really is. This is by far, a trip all true adventurers at heart must do!

Feel free to calls to chat about this trip. It is just purely exceptional, and we’re honored to take you on this journey.


Check out some photos from our Packrafting with Icebergs Adventure.

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Packrafting With Icebergs