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DATE: June 23rd, 2022

ADVENTURE: Bear Viewing Experience 


Walking through the meadow we watched a HUGE boar come walking through the meadows and start chasing a female Brown Bear off! How rude! After the female got away he went after the Sow and her Cubs. The booked it to the trees for safety. Nobody was harmed 🙂


Mama Bear and two spring cubs, Two siblings, 4 more Brown Bears, Eagle, Killdeer Baby Savannah Sparrow, Wolf, Otter and Fox Tracks.


It was a beautiful flight over to Lake Clark National Park. We saw a big Bear from the plane, stand up on its hind legs wondering what we were doing. As we walked into the meadow we saw the cutest tiny spring cubs with their mom. We sat down with a female as she grazed on the sedge, rolled around and napped. We even ate some of the same thing she was eating. Some of the sedge tastes like cilantro! Before our plane arrived we watched another bear walk down the beach for clams. It was an awesome day!