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DATE: June 22, 2022

ADVENTURE: Alaska Bear Viewing Experience


The group had beautiful weather and clear visibility of two volcanos on the bush flight into Lake Clark National Park.


Brown bears! Mama Bear with cubs, two larger bears, and a lone teenage bear.


In the morning the group hiked through the meadow and watched as a single bear popped its head up occasionally and disappeared into the grass, before taking a nap. They silently walked deeper into the meadow and took a seat nearby. Patience paid off, when the bear stood up, she revealed two tiny spring cubs, only a few months old! The group watched as they slowly moved through the meadow, mom foraging and the little ones played and nursed.

After lunch, the group wandered into the meadow and observed two more large bears feeding together. Another bear approached from the side. His coat was shaggy patchy. He kept rubbing against the trees and on the ground to help with the shedding of his winter coat. How fun!