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In an effort to best suit you while you’re with us in the backcountry, we ask that you complete this form, no later than 2 weeks from the start date of your trip. If you do not complete this form at least 2 weeks from your trip, we may be unable to accommodate any of your requests, please keep this in mind.

PROVISIONS – Food & Drinks

Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions and/or preferences so we can work to accommodate you. Please make sure to tell us what you CAN eat as well as what you CAN’T eat.

Our base meal plans are all vegetarian, in that we do not automatically add meat to any dishes. However, we will have meat available that can added to meals.

We do our best to accommodate various dietary preferences and/or restrictions, but please know we may not be able to accommodate everyone, or all preferences, or all specific restrictions. If we are unable to accommodate you, we will inform you of this, and you may be required to bring your own food. Or you may be subject to a dietary/meal surcharge to cover added food costs, extra meal planning, and preparation time.

The food we serve is wholesome and delicious. We have a wide variety of meals to please a wide range of tastes. Our ability to carry and store quantities of fresh food is limited on multi-day trips, but our meals get rave reviews.

Please, bring some of your own favorite snacks as these are not provided, feel free to pack up to 2 pounds of bars, GORP, trail mix, and whatever pleases you the most – A quart Ziplock holds about 2 pounds; or 1-2 bars per day is usually sufficient.

All food must be stored in bear resistant canisters (BRC). BRCs only hold so much food per canister, and we can only bring so many BRCs on each trip. You must keep the weight AND size to a minimum . Some snacks take up a lot of room in BRCs (e.g., potato chips). In addition, all toiletries are stored in BRCs, but we explain this in a separate document provided with your reservation confirmation.

Alcohol is not provided but you are welcome to bring your own, subject to weight restrictions on fly-ins and some trips involving boats (key note: beer is heavy, wine and whiskey is manageable).

*PLEASE NOTE: You may be required to leave excessive, heavy, or bulky items behind.