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DATE: July 3, 2022

ADVENTURE: Alaska Bear Viewing Adventure


Low tide meant the ‘raw bar’ was busy today! All the bears (12 to be exact) were roaming the flats, digging for clams.


Bears, bears and more bears! Bald Eagles, Gulls, Killdeer


What an awesome day! Our group didn’t have to move very far from where the plane dropped them off in Lake Clark National Park, before seeing bears. Muddy shoes and wet feet were an after thought as the group made their way across the tidal flats to get a closer look at the bears. They saw a pair of siblings (male and female), a mama bear with her yearling cub, a large male who was pursuing a smaller female, and handful of bears doing their solo bear thing. The gulls hung nearby all day in the hopes of getting a piece or two of clam meat. Two bald eagles were deep in conversation, obviously in the middle of a very important conversation when we approached them in the afternoon.