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DATE: May 22-May 26, 2022

ADVENTURE: Multi Day Alaska Packrafting Instruction Course


There were so many bird sightings on this trip! Day one on the Kenai River, a Golden Crowned Sparrow sang its farewell song as we were at the take out. Such a nice way to end the day. A female Bald Eagles was chirping in the nest at her male partner to bring more food! Belted King Fishers were chatting us up as we floated down the river. The weather was also perfect for this four day course. Most days were nothing but sunshine.


Bald Eagles in their nest, Harleyquinn ducks, Moose, Moose tracks, River Otter tracks, Belted Kingfishers, Arctic Terns, and Barrows Goldeneye Eres.


On the first day Harlequin ducks flew right at one of the packrafters! Then plunged into the water to put on the breaks. What an entrance! The second day, Schooners rapid was a lot bigger and everyone ran it flawlessly! Very impressed. The third day, we found a tiny soccer ball in the river and we used it for a friendly 😉 game of toss. This day there was a lot of swimming, intentional and not so intentional; but everyone did a great job getting back into their boats! The fourth and final day in the water was very technical.  Resurrection River is no joke! But this group did a great job overall! Lots of laughs and lots of new skills were gained. Great job Packrafters!