• Ages: 10 years +
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Begins / Ends: Kenai, AK
  • Location: Lake Clark National Park
  • Exertion: Strenuous (Glacier) | Moderate (Bears)
  • Season: May – September
  • Price: $2,499 per person

*Minimum: 2 participants per trip required to guarantee
*Solo travelers welcome with at least 2 other people already booked
Ask us about custom dates for individuals, couples, families, and groups.



Get ready for a fully-immersive, all-inclusive fly-in overnight camping adventure that includes Glacier Hiking, and Bear Viewing – this is an exclusive KBA Adventure!


This amazing 2-part adventure includes one day of Fly-In Glacier Hiking, and one day of Fly-In Bear Viewing, complete with an overnight backcountry camping adventure!

KBA knows bears, we know a lot of bears! Allow us to introduce you to them. We know glaciers too! We trek on glaciers all over the fine state of Alaska. This trip is a fun, family-friendly, backcountry camping adventure with glaciers and bears. It is truly amazing!

During your trip, you will venture through parts of Alaska that very few people have ever set foot in. You will do this while trekking amongst the wildlife, and on ancient glaciers.


Your Experience begins in Kenai, when you arrive at our flight office for your pre-trip briefing and check-in. You will take to the skies in one of our professionally maintained, and flown Alaska bush aircraft. The flight is exhilarating, and you will have the opportunity to see snowcapped volcanoes, massive glaciers, and even some wildlife. Soon you’ll touch down in the backcountry on the west side of Cook Inlet in Lake Clark National Park.

Arriving in the backcountry is always a special experience, you will be immersed in your 2-day adventure. We have 2 full days of activities, with some of the best Alaska backcountry camping you can ask for right in the middle (of nowhere!).

Depending on the weather, and other contingencies, we may change which activity we do first. Day 1 could be Bear Viewing, with Day 2 being all about Glacier Hiking, or the other way around. Either way, you’ll get an experience in 2-days, like you’ve never imagined.


Your days will be full of adventure, and new experiences. You’ll be spending full days out in the wilderness, and then camping in that same wilderness on the first night. The days are long in the summer, so we have lots of time for exploring and adventuring, even after a delicious backcountry dinner.

Our Adventures are completely freestyle and unscripted. While we know we’ll be glacier hiking, and bear viewing, we ultimately never know what the day will bring us, so we venture out day with an open mind, and with ambition to explore.

Today you’ll arrive in Kenai. If arriving by plane, please arrive by 07:00am, or if by car, anytime before 08:00am. Your KBA guide will greet you at the Kenai Airport (if flying), or at our Kenai flight office (if driving). We’ll begin with a group orientation meeting, gear check, weights & measures, safety briefing, and discussion of our overall trip plan. We’ll have breakfast snacks, and refreshments available. Around 9:00am we begin staging our gear to be loaded on the bush plane. When we’re all ready, we’ll load our gear in the plane, and fly out around 9:30-10:00am. Arrival in the backcountry is welcomed with a sense of awe and wonder as you gaze upon the magnificent scenery surrounding you. Our first objective will be to securely stage our camping gear and following this we’ll head out for the rest of the day to do our first big adventure; bear viewing or glacier hiking. We’ll do lunch in the field, and return to our camp area around late afternoon to early evening. We’ll get our camp set up for the evening, and soon enjoy a wonderful backcountry dinner. The evenings are long in the summer, so it’s likely we’ll take an evening hike, nothing difficult, just a nice stroll to check things out. 
Meals Included: Breakfast snacks, lunch, and backcountry dinner
Distance: Varies, easily 5+ miles
Accommodation: Under tent

Today begins with hot drinks, and a delicious backcountry breakfast. Following this we’ll take down our camp, so everything is ready for our pick-up at the end of the day. As soon as this is done we’ll embark our second big adventure; whatever we didn’t do the first day. We’ll spend another day of exploring and adventuring in backcountry of Alaska. We’ll do lunch in the field again, and at the end of the day we’ll return back to our camp area and await our bush plane pick-up. We generally arrive back to the mainland around late-afternoon, to early-evening (weather/flight dependent). Upon arrival to the mainland we’ll exchange some high-fives, bear hugs, and see-ya-laters. If you’re leaving Kenai this evening, we’ll transport you to the Kenai Airport. If you are returning home by flight from Alaska this evening, please be sure to schedule your Kenai flight for after 10:00pm (in the event of a delay leaving the backcountry). However, we always encourage planning a buffer day at the end of your trip, just in case.
Meals Included: Breakfast and lunch
Distance: Varies, easily 5+ miles

*The accompanying itinerary is the schedule we intend to follow. However, this is Alaska, and our trips may deviate as written on this page or in any documentation we publish. This can be as a result of weather conditions, group preference, safety considerations, or unforeseeable circumstances. Therefore expect the unexpected, and prepare to be flexible. 

This is an all-inclusive adventure, meaning everything is included in your price apart from your flights to and from Alaska, personal gear, gratuities for guides, and voluntary expenditures. You trip package includes:

    • Accommodations: 1 night tent camping
    • Round-trip ground transportation (Kenai Airport<>Flight Office)
    • Round-trip bush plane flights during the trip (Kenai<>Backcountry)
    • Meals as indicated in the itinerary
    • Professional guide service
    • Glacier equipment: Helmet, harness, crampons, leg gaiters, and trekking poles
    • Expedition tents
    • Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow
    • Satellite phone, GPS, maps, location tracker
    • Medical kits, and repair gear
    • Large gathering/cook tent
    • Cooking equipment, eating utensils, bowl/plate, and hot drink mug
    • Water filtration equipment, and bulk water storage containers
    • Bear resistant canisters
    • Electric bear fences
    • Guides prepare and cook all meals
    • Guides setup and take down entire camp (option to assist)


    What is the best way to get to Kenai?
    Plan to fly into the Anchorage International Airport (ANC), and then take a 25 minute flight from ANC to Kenai Airport (ENA). Or you can rent a car in Anchorage and then drive to Kenai (~3 hours). Either way you will need to be in Kenai by 8:00am on Day 1. Kenai Airport also has rental cars should you decide to turn your car in before your trip, or rent a car after your trip. KBA will provide transportation between the Kenai Airport and our flight office.

    What are the accommodations like?
    Accommodations on day 1 is double occupancy tent camping in the backcountry.

    Can solo travelers get their own tent? Is there an optional or forced supplement, and how much is it?
    As a solo traveler, a single supplement of $150 per person that applies to tent camping Day 1-2.

    What is the food like?
    Proper nutrition in the backcountry is paramount for stamina and recovery. We create gourmet masterpieces from scratch that are healthy, filling, and delicious leaving your palate (and belly!) satisfied. Everything from cinnamon rolls and vanilla pancakes for breakfast, to spaghetti with meatballs for dinner, finished off with cheesecake for dessert.

    How much extra money should people budget?
    Kenai Backcountry Adventures recommends that you bring $500 cash for guide and pilot gratuities, in-town spending money, souvenirs, additional meals, etc.

    What should people bring? Do you have a packing list?
    A detailed backpacking gear list will be provided with your booking confirmation. Or you can view the GEAR LIST now (select “Base Camp Trips”). This is a very comprehensive list that applies to many locations in Alaska, and longer trips. You may be able to easily pair this list down – ask us any questions!

    Is travel insurance required?
    Travel insurance is required for this trip. Review our Travel Insurance page for more info.

    Additional frequently asked questions and answers:

    Are bears and other wildlife going to be a problem?
    Bears are virtually everywhere in Alaska, and therefore one should anticipate and be prepared for a possible encounter or sighting of a bear. Moose are a common sighting on the Kenai Peninsula but generally they keep their distance. Kenai Backcountry Adventures takes wildlife safety very seriously and therefore take precautions to keep you safe in the wilderness. In addition, you will learn the necessary safety procedures regarding Alaska wildlife in your pre-backcountry safety orientation.

    Will there be bugs?
    The most common nuisance bugs are mosquitoes and no-see-ums. However, based on the time of year and current weather conditions insects may or may not present an issue. Generally, there are only a few areas we tend to encounter mosquitoes along our route. Come prepared with insect repellant and a high quality head net.

    What will the weather be like?
    Weather in this part of Alaska is highly variable and unpredictable. It could be in the 70s or 80s one day and in the 50s and raining the next (or in the same day!). We may encounter snow at higher elevations. High winds can be frequent and may impede travel at times.

    It’s best to plan a buffer day at the end of the trip in the event of a weather delay departing the backcountry on the last day, however if you must make flight arrangements to depart Kenai on the last day of the itinerary, please make your flight departure for after 10:00 pm.

    • Airfare/Travel to and from Kenai, AK, before and after your trip
    • Meals not indicated in the itinerary
    • Personal gear (rain gear, clothing, backpack, etc.) *Rental backpacks available
    • Travel Insurance (required)
    • Single supplement ($150)
    • Additional lodging nights due to weather delays (in town)
    • Additional meals due to weather delays (in town)
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Gratuities for your guides (recommended)


    We hope you find the information on this page useful. But if you need help booking your trip or have any questions please contact us.